Organization and Reports
Organization Chart
Our Team
Dr. CHOW, Pak Chin, BBS, JP
Founding President
Dr. KAM, Ting Kwong Joseph
Vice President
Dr. YEUNG, Fung Yee Emily
Dr. CHING, Hok Ying Ruby
Vice Chairman
Dr. WOO, Chai Fong, Donald
Honorary Treasurer
Dr. YAU kin, Kenneth
Council Members
Dr. YIP, Pui Pui
Council Members
Dr. YUEN Shi Yin, Nancy
Council Members
Dr. Ho Wing Lau
Council Members
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Our Annual General Meeting was held on 20 Sept 2023, we are honoured to have Mr. Anthony Francis NEOH, QC, SC, JP and Ms. Barbara WONG, our honorary Legal Advisorsto attend our meeting. We reported our work during the past year and made a forecast towards the future. Thank you for all your support and suggestions, let's drive on for a more fruitful year!
Our Team- For the year 2022-2023

Honorary Advisors :

Prof.Sophia CHAN Siu-chee, JP

Mr. FAN Hung Ling, Henry, SBS JP

Dr. KO Wing Man, BBS, JP

Dr. LAM Nai Man

Prof. John LEONG Chi Yan, GBS, SBS, OBE, JP

Honorary Legal Advisors :

Ms. Barbara WONG

Ms. Theresa CHOW

Dr. David KAN

Mr. Anthony Francis NEOH, QC, SC, JP


Founding President   :

Dr. CHOW Pak Chin, BBS, JP

Vice President  :

Dr. KAM Ting Kwong, Joseph

Chairman  :

Dr. YEUNG Fung Yee, Emily

Vice Chairman  :

Dr. CHING Hok Ying, Ruby

Honorary Secretary : 

Dr. LEUNG Kai Ching, Peter (HA)

Honorary Treasurer :

Dr. WOO Chai Fong, Donald

Council Members :

Dr. CHIU Yee Hang, Thomas

Dr. HO, Mary (HA)

Dr. Ho Wing Lau

Dr. YAU kin, Kenneth

Dr. YIP Pui Pui

Dr. YUEN Shi Yin, Nancy

Mr. Cheung Wai Lun, William