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Mid-term Report: Fight Macular Diseases Programme

Date: 12 Jun 2016
Venue: Yan Chai Hospital, Hong Kong

Since September 2015, we have treated a total of 32 patients in the Fight Macular Diseases program in collaboration with Yan Chai Hospital. In our mid term press conference, Mr. Bowie Wu and Ms. Helena Law came to show their support to the program. We sincerely thank them for their support. We hope the public sectors, the private sectors and various charity organisations can all work hand in hand for the health of the people of Hong Kong.

We hope to bring vision back to patients.

A big thanks to the support from Mr. Bowie Wu and Ms. Helena Law!

Collaboration with Yan Chai Hospital

Patients' sharing during the press conference

Patients' sharing their experience

We strive to continue our work for the needy.


Program: Free Cataract Operations

Date: 6 Jun 2015
Venue: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Co-organizer: The Asian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness (AFPB)

Various doctors represented our Foundation and took part in this meaningful event. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of AFPB and “Mobile Eye Treatment Centre Project”, Restoring Eye Sight 2 was transferred to Hong Kong. A total of 20 free cataract operations were performed for the lower income people. Doctors performed the operations under extremely hot weather at Victoria Park. All the operations were very successful and the patients regained great vision the next day


Program: Intravitreal injection of AntiVEGF for treatment of retinal diseases

Retinal / Macular diseases are blinding conditions. These can often be treated by one or more injections of AntiVEGF into the eye. Partnership with Yan Chai Hospital, St Teresa’s Hospital and Bayer Healthcare, we deliver this treatment to the poor and needy. More than 100 patients will benefit from the program.